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Based across Leicestershire, Sweet Bliss Births is fully qualified through the Royal College of Midwives accredited Calm Births Hypnobirthing Teacher Training and has combined this with professional knowledge and experience of Perinatal Well-being and Calm Mummy Teacher Training to provide a holistic support for parents and parents- to be.  


Hi I'm Pooja, founder of Sweet Bliss Births...

… and mummy to a beautiful 1 year old boy.

I am passionate about helping parents- to- be and parents to feel confident, empowered and prepared in themselves.

You only birth your baby once, and they only remain a baby for a short period of time. My aim is to make this time beautiful and memorable so you can always look back on it as a positive experience.

I have combined my knowledge with almost 5 years of experience working in Perinatal Mental Health, to provide you with Calm Births Hypnobirthing and Calm Parenting Mummy Wellness courses to support your birth and early parenting journeys. Find out more

What we offer

We understand that every parent, birth and baby are so unique so we provide courses to support you both as individuals and as a family unit. For us it's not about the perfect experience, but about the most positive birthing and early parenting journeys.

Our Hypnobirthing course educates, empowers and aims to leave you feeling excited for the birth of your baby. You only birth your baby once, and we support you to understand your choices so you are able to make informed decisions and enjoy the experience; no matter what turns your birthing journey may take. Birthing partners are are a big part of our courses and we ensure they leave feeling confident in how to support you as a Birthing Goddess.

Courses start from only £149Find out more

Our Mummy Wellness course is a postnatal class that focuses you and your well- being. Having a baby is a life changing experience and we can easily forget about our own needs. Just because you are mummy doesn't mean you are no longer you. This course aims to help you reflect, relax and recharge so you can implement the strategies to help you in your parenting journey. Find out more 


Feeling skeptical about Hypnobirthing? Think it's not for you? Hypnobirthing is for everyone and every type of birth. Why not join me for a FREE taster class to find out more and enjoy a relaxation for you and your birth partner. Make sure to book your place today to avoid disappointment.

Birth Stories

How many birth stories have you heard? How many have been a positive reflection of a birth experience? Have a read through the births of our beautiful Sweet Bliss Babies to be assured that you too can have a positive birth experience. It doesn't have to be your first birth, if you have had a previous negative experience and are looking to change that for your subsequent pregnancy, please have a read of our empowered parents and their birthing journey's. Read more


Finding the right course and tutor is so important. You need to have a good relationship, feel safe and valued so you know you are getting the right support for you. We aim to do just that and more. We consider individual needs and try to incorporate any additional queries if relevant to you should we need to. We aim to go above and beyond so you feel protected and prepared. But don't just take my word for it, here's what my parent's have had to say. Read more

The thought of birthing your baby shouldn't fill you fear but empower you to feel strong, excited and in control. It's your body, your baby and your birth. Embrace the process and look forward to meeting your baby for the very first time.


Perinatal Birth and Well Being Practitioner

Mobile: 07534 816 339
Email: pooja@sbbirths.co.uk

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