Hello Shyam

On January 26th 2019 at 13:58, I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Shyam.


It had been a long nine days since my due date.  Both me and my husband were eagerly awaiting to meet our little prince, but he was loving the waiting game.  From 37 weeks I had been practising my hypnobirthing techniques religiously to keep myself calm.  Listening to the MP3's after having a relaxing bath each night helped me to sleep better, and reciting the affirmations in the morning helped encourage a positive start to each day.


As the weeks went on, both me and my husband (Hemant) knew the track word for word and little did we know how helpful this would be in the delivery room.  Just listening to the tracks empowered me and helped me to keep myself calm and composed, not worrying that I was almost reaching my 42 week mark (remember it is your choice to go ahead with an induction.  Please speak to your midwife about what you'd like and the options you have).


Waking up several times in the night to visit the bathroom had become the norm - I'm sure many of you can relate to this! On each occasion, I spent precious time bargaining with my bladder for more sleep and each time I lost.  Little did I know, on 26.01.2019 at 2am, this wasn't just another bathroom break, but the final countdown to meeting my little man.  I was sat in the bathroom with an odd sensation for about half an hour before Hemant came in with a worried face.


"Pujj, are you ok?"

Me: "I think I'm in early labour. Could you please get the shower going?" 
Hemant: "You want to shower? Are you sure you're in labour? You're awfully calm."

'Calm'.  All those weeks of listening to the MP3's and practising my breathing meant I didn't even realise I was already putting the hypnobirthing techniques to use; and Hemant's reaction confirmed this.  The next nine hours were spent lying on the bed, sitting in the bath and bouncing on my birthing ball whilst listening to the relaxation MP3's . . . . . then my waters broke.

Me: "Hun I think you may want to call the hospital now; my waters have broken." 
Hemant: "Are you sure? Where's the water?"

For those of your wondering with my husband- there isn't always a gush of water creating a pool around your ankles when your waters break. A pop and trickle was my sign that my baby was on his way.


I arrived at the hospital just after midday and was informed I had only dilated 3cm, but they wanted to keep me in to see how I went.  My midwife ran me a bath and went on her lunch believing nothing would happen for at least a few hours.  We were alone in the room and I had been in the pool for around 15 minutes when I felt the surges coming more regularly.  Hemant tried to put on the relaxation MP3, but he'd forgotten to charge the speaker! The surges became increasingly regular and Hemant started to recite the affirmations and supported me to follow my breathing techniques.  I could feel my baby making his way down and asked Hemant to call in a midwife.  Just as the midwife came to see how I was doing and to get a mirror to check how far I had dilated.

Me: Erm, I think the baby is here?" 
Midwife: "Are you sure?" 
Me: "Well I can feel something round and furry- I'm pretty sure it's a head." 
Midwife: "Oh yes! Well with the next surge, you'll hopefully have your baby here." 


And I did.

My little man arrived into the world weighing 8lb 2oz.  I believed I could do it and I did. I achieved a blissful birth; a memory I will cherish forever.


Not all births go according to your birth plan and I would encourage each parent to be open minded about what could happen. However, I found that hypnobirthing helped me to remain calm and prepared for what was to come.  Believing my body knows best and following its lead really helped me to achieve the birth I had dreamt of.  I hope I can share these tools with you, so you too achieve the birth you dream of.

Hello Jacob

Throughout my pregnancy, I had my heart set on a water birth.  Even though this was the

dream, I knew anything could happen so had to prepare myself for every eventuality!  

Unfortunately when the time came, I couldn't have a water birth due to some minor complications,

which meant I had to deliver on the delivery suite of the hospital.


I believe hypnobirthing helped me to remain calm throughout, even when I was told I wasn't allowed to go in the water.

The breathing techniques worked so much that even the midwives didn't believe I was about to give birth at 9cm dilated - it was all a bit of a rush to get me in a delivery room!  After 16 hours, a very healthy Jacob James Nicholls was born at 12:47pm on 22nd June 2019 and we have since been enjoying life as a family of three.

Hello Hana

Hi I hope your OK; I had my baby! OMG I just had to thank you. I had the best birth ever

and I just know it was down to the tools you taught me. It opened up a whole new world to me.

Your affirmations and constant Instagram  reminders that "we can do this" , "having no fear"

"every pain is one step closer to holding my baby" and the most important thing "being able to say No!"


I refused the cannula I knew it would have broke my flow and I didn't converse so much, my hubby spoke up for what I wanted when I couldn't and my birth was beautiful. We were a dream team me, my hubby and our baby all working together. It was very fast but manageable pain! I entered the room at the hospital and in two pushes baby was out! The midwife had to catch her! I felt strong, in control and empowered. Something I've not felt in labour for many years. I really wish all women possessed the tools to have a wonderful birth like I had.


The power of the mind is just amazing. A supportive birth partner, the woman's body and what it can do. So many women fear birth and all what surrounds it. It's so good you do what you do.


Thanks again xxx

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