This isn't my first pregnancy, can I still hypnobirth?

Yes! It doesn't matter if this is your first, second or any subsequent birth- if you wish to try hypnobirthing this time around, you can.

I have a planned cesarean, can I still hypnobirth?

Of course! Regardless of whether you have an elective or an emergency cesarean, the breathing techniques we cover can be practiced for both vaginal and cesarean births. Everyone is welcome.

What if I have to have an induction?

You can still use the breathing techniques we teach you as part of the course to help you through each surge. As inductions are an artificial method to bring on surges, they may be more intense than natural surges. Here is a great blog by our Calm Births Founder, Hannah Barnes, about the induction process.

Who is a birth partner?

A birth partner could be anyone you want. Your spouse, a family member, a friend, a doula. The list is endless. Whoever you feel comfortable with and would like to have by your side during birth is your birthing partner.


Why are your classes not 1 day workshops?

The course I deliver has up to 12 hours of content. That's a lot of information and learning to do in 1 day. We split our sessions over 4 days/ 2 days so you get an opportunity to practice and absorb what you learn. This way you don't feel overwhelmed and you are can come back to me to ask questions or a review if required.

This being said, if you are in the latter stages of pregnancy and would prefer a 1 day course as a 1:1, I can accommodate dependent on availability.

What is the difference between group classes and 1:1 classes?

Group classes are a great opportunity to meet other parents, build friendships that you can continue once your babies arrive. The great thing about groups is that you get to hear many different stories. You are exposed to what others are doing, what is working for them and how you can consider different factors that may suit you.

1:1 sessions are very much tailored to your individual needs. We focus on your particular fears and support you as best we can to get an understanding of your options so you can go into birth with a positive mindset (this is key!)

Does Hypnobirthing guarantee a vaginal natural birth?

Hypnobirthing gives you an understanding of your birthing options. Just as every individual is unique, every birthing journey is unique and we teach you your options so you can make the right choices for your birth. As the future is unforseeable, we cannot predict what happens for your birth, however we support you to feel educated and empowered so you can remain calm and enjoy your baby's birth.

Does Hypnobirthing guarantee a pain free birth?

Pain is subjective. Everyone's pain threshold is different, however the breathing techniques and relaxations we teach you support you to manage your pain. 

Hypnosis is all about casting a spell, is that what you will do?

No! I'm not going to cast a spell on you- that's not what I do at all. Hypnobirthing is about self hypnosis and you cannot do this unless you are open to believing you can do this. It is about changing the way you think by me providing you with information so you feel prepared and confident. The meditations and breathing techniques are to fill you with positive energy so you feel empowered and to help you to remain calm during the labour and birth process. You have to be open and invested in hypnobirthing in order for it to help you.

How does Hypnobirthing work?

The human mind is made up of 2 parts- the conscious and subconscious. The conscious side focuses very much on the present moment, the here and now. It is responsible for your critical, rational and analytical thinking but takes up only 12% of your brains capacity.

On the other side, your subconscious takes up 88% of your brains capacity and is responsible for your creativity, imagination and most importantly for storing all you memories (from experiences and exposures). This is where the magic happens and what we focus on. 

The relaxation tracks and meditations we provide you with, are filled with positive affirmations and messages to give you a positive mindset towards birth. You bran sits in at a deep relaxation stage (Theta) when all this learning takes place in your subconscious mind. When you are repeatedly filled with positive affirmations, you are able to believe them and remain calm. This does take time, effort and practice from you though. Hypnobirthing requires you to put in to get something out. Your body responds to your mind so let's control the mind, support you to feel prepared and informed so you feel empowered and confident in your birthing journey; no matter what turns it may take.

Why can't I just read a book or buy relaxations myself and do it?

You can, it may just take longer to do. It's similar to learning anything else, e.g. learning to drive. If you did this independently, you may reach the end goal however, it may take much longer than learning with an instructor as the instructor is able to guide and support you.

Our hypnobirthing classes are not only about breathing techniques and relaxation tracks but about learning the labour and birth process so you feel prepared and informed when you make decisions about your birth. 

What is the postnatal care you provide in the 4th Trimester?

As part of the service, I come out to see you and your new family once your baby has come Earth side. Being a new parent can bring up many emotions, some if which we may not have though would come out. In those early days it's nice to know you have someone who you are not emotionally attached to who is there to support you in your parenting journey. The early days of adjusting your new life can raise many questions; my role here is to help you rationalise your throughts and to listen to you without judgement. I let you empty your cup so you feel emotionally available for your baby. This service is for both parents and is done through home visits and phone support.

Do I have to contact you in the 4th Trimester?

No, this is a free optional service. The choice is always yours.

Why bother with Hypnobirthing?

Would you go into an exam without preparing yourself? Would you run a marathon without preparing yourself? Then why are so many of us willing to walk into birth fearful and unprepared? The common response I get to this question is; so many women have been giving birth for years and this is the done thing. Regardless of whether I'm fearful or not, I'm just going to have to get on and do it.

Let me tell you this is not how it's supposed to be. Women are Goddesses when they grow and birth a baby and should be treated as such. Hypnobirthing helps you to prepare and know your options so you can make choices in your birth that you are happy with. Birth can go any way and there is no way to foresee what turns may take in your birthing journey, however, with knowing the process and what your options are you can reflect on what is best for you and your baby in the circumstances that come up in your birth. Trust yourself. Trust your body. Have a positive birth experience.

What if my baby cries during Mummy and Me Time?

That's fine. Attend to you baby as you see fit. I'm always at hand should you need any further support. (I never say no to cuddles!)

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