Hyppnobirthing & Baby care


Upto 10 hours of teaching time, covering all aspects of labour, birth and baby. Our classes are currently ran virtually due to COVID19 practice so you are comfortable in your own homes but still receive all the vital information to help you in your journey to a positive birth. A maximum of 6 couples per course to ensure intimacy, adequate support and for all questions to be answered. There will be a 1/2 hour lunch break in the middle.

Just pay £50 at the time of booking to secure your place.

The remainder should be paid 5 days prior to the commencement of the course.

  • Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 October 2020, 10am- 3.30pm

    179 British pounds
  • Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 October 2020, 10am- 3.30pm

    179 British pounds
  • Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 December 2020, 10am- 3.30pm

    179 British pounds

Session 1: Setting the foundation

  • Look into conscious/ subconscious minds in detail

  • Hypnosis in more detail

  • The hormone chemical cocktail

  • The Uterine muscles and how they work


Session 2: Roles & Responsibilities

  • Birthing Mother's role in detail

  • Birth Partner's role in detail

  • The role of professionals

  • What is available for different birthing journeys

  • Natural ways to induce labour

  • Induction process, Instrumental assisted delivery & Caesaean

  • Breathing techniques to manage each stage of labour


Session 3: Labour & Birth

  • Optimal labour & birth positions

  • Signs of labour

  • Managing early labour

  • When to call midwife

  • Transition and Pushing

  • What happens immediately post birth (vaginal and caesarean covered)

Session 4: Baby Care 

  • Postnatal care for parents

  • Perinatal Mental Health

  • The 4th Trimester

  • Feeding- breast or bottle the choice is yours

  • Professionals

  • SIDS

  • Tongue Tie

  • Colic/ Reflux

  • Baby brain- brain development

  • How to play with your newborn

  • Routine

  • Postnatal Care Plan

You will receive

  • 5 relaxation tracks

  • 3 mindfulness tracks

  • Positive birth affirmations for you and your Birth Partner

  • Calm Births Book

  • Sweet Bliss Births Course Booklet

  • Upright, Forward, Open positions

  • Birth Bag Checklist

  • Positive Birth Plan

  • Postnatal Care Plan

  • Newborn Planner

  • Feeding affirmations

By booking onto a course you agree to Sweet Bliss Births Booking Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Please be aware the £50 booking deposit is non- refundable.

Mobile: 07534 816 339
Email: pooja@sbbirths.co.uk

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