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Our Mummy & Me Wellness course is a Calm Mummy course, which aims to empower and support you to reflect on your birth, your baby and your emotions so you can prioritize your needs and baby's to enjoy a positive parenting experience. Our classes are informal, relaxed and tailored to support you in your birthing journey.


What we cover


  • Feelings and emotions around birth through birth reflections

  • Reduce pressure and expectations

  • Taking care of you 

  • Mindfulness for you and your baby

  • Understanding your new "role" 

  • Gentle, calm exercises

  • Letting go

Why attend?

Mummy and Me Wellness is a great opportunity to attend a course looking at your well being as well as your baby's. We allow time and space for you to talk about your experiences and be listened to without judgement. We provide a safe space for you to build positive peer support networks that can help you in your parenting journey and strengthen your bond with your baby allowing you you enjoy a positive parenting experience. 

Mummy Wellness- £60

We offer groups with or without baby. Please contact me for more information.

Our Mummy Wellness courses will be held at Groby Village Hall.

When should I book?

You can book onto a course whenever you feel ready, however, I would suggest you wait until your 6 week check to ensure you and baby are all OK (plus it gives you enough time to settle in with your newborn.)  Everyone is different and it is important to go with what you feel is right for you.  

By booking onto a Sweet Bliss Births Mummy Wellness course, you agree to our Booking Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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