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What we do with your information:

Name: I like to respectfully address you properly and not only just say Hey There, Hi or Hello.

Email address: To send you details of the course, materials, venue and any other correspondence. Also, to ask for feedback after the course completion of your experience.

Phone number: To send any correspondence, arrange first postnatal home visit and to inform you of Sweet Meets details.

Home address: To send any correspondence if required and to know where to come for your first postnatal home visit without having to trouble you once your baby has arrived. (I know how busy you'll be!)

Payment information: To create orders, for the sale of products and if any refunds that need to be made. Rest assured, I don’t see your information and we do not keep them. Payment can safely be made directly or through Paypal.


If I am unable to collect data from you then I am unable to provide products or services to you properly.


I promise to protect you: I’ll keep your data safe and will not sell it to any party. 

Mobile: 07534 816 339

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