My partner and I completed a 1:1 course with Pooja in latter pregnancy.  I originally contacted Pooja

as I was apprehensive about the prospect of a natural birth and had heard Hypnobirthing would help me

control my nerves!

Before the course, I had limited knowledge of Hypnobirthing, but Pooja spent a lot of time working from the basics. Pooja talked us through the stages of labour and the anatomy of birth as well as informing us of the choices we have in labour and how to discuss these with our midwife.

Pooja also worked through the breathing techniques and visualisations with both of us and showed us various breathing patterns for the different stages of labour, enabling me to choose which I feel most comfortable with when the time comes!

Since the course, I have continued with the breathing techniques and relaxations and feel more confident with them every day.  I feel the course has made both my partner and I a lot more confident about the birth, and

much more relaxed! Pooja is very professional and has a great way with people – you instantly feel

relaxed with her.  Since the course, Pooja has kept in touch and is always on hand if you have any

last minute moments of madness!


Kally & Mark

Pooja is kind, caring and empathetic towards families and their situations. She works hard to empower parents to lead their own path and is a great support in the background when needed. Pooja is realistic and honest ensuring families have the facts they want. I’m sure this tailor made package will go over and above any of your expectations. The after care for the first year is an amazing option to have in the background should you need it. Pooja is a wonderful person so excited that she has decided to take on this new venture and to start seeing the benefits to families across those very tender first few moments. You will be in safe hands.


Pooja has great knowledge on hypnobirthing and is not one to let anyone leave, from her group, without feeling reassured and comfortable with how their birth can be.

I have known Pooja for some time now and she is very caring and understanding of others. The fact that she implied hypnobirthing techniques to her own birth means that she can easily relate to others and support and guide them the best way she knows how.

Pooja is a very approachable young woman with a lot of drive behind her. If she is unsure of anything she is more than willing to go the extra mile to get answers for you and will not let you down.


Pooja is such a caring and understanding person. she will listen to all and try to relate to it.

I was a nervous first time mum without any Mum friends and once I had met Pooja not only did she give me confidence, she reassured me that everything I was doing was right for my son and I wasn't the only mum in the world to have doubts about what I was doing.

she has a great knowledge of hypnobirthing and is very passionate about it and that's exactly what you want from a trainer.

last of all .... She's amazing!!!


Hi I just had to let you know my amazing news I had an appointment with my consultant today and I can have a water birth!!! So happy and relieved!! No more consultant appointments just midwife antenatal led care!! I expressed my concerns and fears and they listened! I would never have had the confidence had I not been exposed to your class! The first step to my positive birth!! Xxx

Lisa & Shafik

Pooja is amazing! Hypnobirthing has really helped settle our perspective of birth we are feeling a lot more relaxed and confident since we feel a lot more informed about the entire process and the meditation tracks as well as the other materials are great! We cannot recommend Pooja enough!

Ankita & Kalpesh

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